A  Personal and unique Wedding Dance

The wedding dance is the highlight of the wedding party. Classical or contemporary, this first dance makes an unforgettable impression after both you, the newlywed couple, and the invitees.

Step by step, we will guide you to the achievement of the choir chosen by you. Slow, salsa, rock, tango,

Dirty Dancing ... or a combination of different styles.

Is it a dream or is it reality? 

Together, we make it possible ...


Do not hesitate to contact us.


40 € / LESSON (Tubize ROOM)

50 € / lesson (at your home)

Bachelor Party 

Are you looking for a fun activity for a friend's fraternity evening and you think of a dance initiative?   

An introduction to a classical dance, a scene from a movie or clip, in consultation, we consider an easy-to-learn choreography to blow away your guests on D-day.


40 € / lesson (AT Tubize) (BASIC PRICE = 2PERS + 5 € PP)

50 € / lesson (at your home) (basic price = 2pers + 5 € pp)


Wedding dance in group


Or flashmob?

Are you looking for a nice idea for a wedding / company or other party, and you want to leave a splendid impression, something that releases emotions.  


Realize a group choreography with friends or colleagues.

A surprise act that brings together the choreography of Dirty Dancing, Grease or Highschool musical.o



What approach: Start several months in advance in the 
run-up to D-day, the preparations, we will organise your
and take care of the choreo.


40 € / lesson (Tubize room) (basic price = 2pers + 5 € pp)

50 € / lesson (at your home) (basic price = 2pers + 5 € pp),